Unsprung Moto 2021

Saturday, Oct 2nd

A great day of riding in western MA.

The Unsprung Motorcycle Road Rally, a friendly competition, where regularity, endurance, and riding skill, not speed are rewarded. Unsprung is based on the historic Motogiro d’Italia or “Motorcycle Tour of Italy” and features vintage motorcycles and riders from around the region.

More specifically Unsprung is a Regularity Rally with the objective to ride each course segment in a specified time. The day will consist of a morning course, a lunch stop, and an afternoon course. There will also be 4 timed agility courses, one before and after each road course. Riders will be assigned a Start Time and an End Time. They must leave the course start at their assigned Start Time and end at their assigned End Time or they are penalized. Similar rules apply to the Agility Course, which consists of a short tight-turn cones course. Riders must complete the course as close to the marked time as possible. Lateness and earliness are equally penalized. The day will culminate in an Open House at Nova Motorcycles, with an awards presentation, music, and food. The Open House is free and open to the public from 3 pm until 7 pm. Come and view a collection of vintage bikes, eat some great local food and be part of the Western MA motorcycle community.

There will be 6 classes; Pre-1965, 1965-1976, 1977-1990, Sidecars, and Open. The last being open to any make, model, and year. A small entry fee includes registration and snacks. Space is limited so register early. Riders must have a motorcycle license and a registered and insured bike. Registration will open sometime soon. Check-in will begin at 8:00 am the morning of the event and the Morning Course will begin around 9:00-10:00 am.